Quantitative & Qualitative Research: Social Science vs. UX

Recently I was talking with another consultant about different UX Research approaches and made the comment that both surveys and focus groups were Quantitative Research techniques. The consultant immediately corrected me pointing out that they were going to ask open-ended questions in their surveys, so it was Qualitative Research. It highlights a disconnect between many [...]

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Lean UX: Looking Under the Hood of the UX Research & Design Sprint

Most ‘Lean UX’ or ‘integrating UX into Agile’ articles are very good at explaining the higher level process between the User Experience (UX) and Development teams, but what about the interaction within the UX team itself? My last article, Sprint Ahead or Just in Time – Integrating UX into Agile covered the pros and cons [...]

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Get Your Personas Ripped! Three Easy Steps to Building a More Powerful UX Tool.

Last week in an homage to Saturday morning cartoons (The Spinach and Kryptonite of Personas), I talked about strengths and weakness of Personas. I concluded with Personas are still worth it and there are ways to increase the Spinach (their strengths) and minimize their Kryptonite (weaknesses). Strong Research = Strong Personas The single most important [...]

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In-person vs. Online Card Sorting – UX Quality vs. Quantity

Okay let me be up-front; I am bias on this issue. I think in-person card sorting is more useful than online card sorting. To be clear, online card sorting has value and am not saying otherwise, but I do think the quality of the data from in-person card sorting trumps the quantity you get from [...]

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Slicing and dicing your way to great User Experience (UX)!

I spend my college years as a cook and worked with some great chefs, one of whom imparted some wisdom on how to tell if someone had solid experience in cooking. “Hand them a knife and ask them to dice something,” he said. Someone who has less experience will grip the knife like a hammer [...]

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Why did it take so long to get Cup Holders in Cars?

I often think about why I don’t use certain applications or websites. As a usability person I want to understand what it was about the experience that left a negative impression or caused genuine frustration? Why did the application or website seem ill-fitting, like clothes tailored for someone else? Often the reason applications and websites [...]

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