Get Your Personas Ripped! Three Easy Steps to Building a More Powerful UX Tool.

Last week in an homage to Saturday morning cartoons (The Spinach and Kryptonite of Personas), I talked about strengths and weakness of Personas. I concluded with Personas are still worth it and there are ways to increase the Spinach (their strengths) and minimize their Kryptonite (weaknesses). Strong Research = Strong Personas The single most important [...]

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UAT is a great source of Usability Data, like a Kazoo is a great source of music

The other day a Project Manager told me, “don’t worry about it, we’ll get [Usability Data] in UAT!” What made this instance particularly frustrating is the number of times in project meetings someone has said a variation of “the user doesn’t know what they want!” or “the user doesn’t do it [the task] right!” or [...]

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Slicing and dicing your way to great User Experience (UX)!

I spend my college years as a cook and worked with some great chefs, one of whom imparted some wisdom on how to tell if someone had solid experience in cooking. “Hand them a knife and ask them to dice something,” he said. Someone who has less experience will grip the knife like a hammer [...]

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Why did it take so long to get Cup Holders in Cars?

I often think about why I don’t use certain applications or websites. As a usability person I want to understand what it was about the experience that left a negative impression or caused genuine frustration? Why did the application or website seem ill-fitting, like clothes tailored for someone else? Often the reason applications and websites [...]

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