UAT is a great source of Usability Data, like a Kazoo is a great source of music

The other day a Project Manager told me, “don’t worry about it, we’ll get [Usability Data] in UAT!” What made this instance particularly frustrating is the number of times in project meetings someone has said a variation of “the user doesn’t know what they want!” or “the user doesn’t do it [the task] right!” or [...]

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RIP 3-click Rule ….you won’t be missed!

An online process should never be more than 3-clicks, right? Wrong. It isn’t the number of clicks, its ‘does the user know what to do next.’ I often run into folks scarred by the 3-click rule. I imagine that they must have endured some medieval torture for breaking the rule in the past because they [...]

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THE Best Example of the Limitations of A/B Testing….

A few years ago Jeff Atwood posted what I consider to be the best blog article articulating the limitations of A/B testing….course, it doesn’t hurt that I also love the move ‘Groundhog Day.’ Please visit his site Coding Horror and specifically the article: Groundhog Day, or, the Problem with A/B Testing If you’re unsure what [...]

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Three Tips for Building Awesome Products….UX is in all three!

‘You can’t get there from here.” I grew up in a very rural part of the country and yes, folks really do say that. The same can be said for trying to develop a great website or application without User Experience (UX), you can’t there from here. You view your product like you view your [...]

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Why did it take so long to get Cup Holders in Cars?

I often think about why I don’t use certain applications or websites. As a usability person I want to understand what it was about the experience that left a negative impression or caused genuine frustration? Why did the application or website seem ill-fitting, like clothes tailored for someone else? Often the reason applications and websites [...]

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