UX Methdology

My UX Methdology

User Experience (UX), like software development, is a process. Great results are the outcome of a good plan and my plan looks a little something like this...


"Derek is by far the best UI/UX person I have EVER worked with and has made our job infinitely easier. He completely gets what we need from a development standpoint, but is also extremely knowledgeable from the UX side. More so than anyone I've even known."
- Project Manager

"Derek is truly able to balance the act of art and science. He is incredibly intelligent (& technical) but can understand the overall business needs and communicate easily with other non-technical groups. In terms of Management, he respects and trusts his people. He creates a fun environment that produces results."
- VP of Marketing

Derek is a rare and gifted individual who truly 'gets' and can translate organizational and user needs into smart and effective user experiences. He knows how to ask the right questions, listen openly to answers and do the research needed to ensure that the resulting experience exceeds expectations.
- Director of Communications

Human Factors International  Certified User Experience Analyst
HFI CXA Certified
Nielsen Norman Group - UX Master Certified
NNg UXMC Certified
Human Factors International - Certified Usability Analyst
HFI CUA Certified
Nielsen Norman Group - UX Certified
NNg UXC Certified
Scrum Alliance - Certified Scrum Master
Scrum Alliance CSM Certified